WIOC Is A Responsible Partner In Protecting Our EnvironmentOur Environmental Policy Objectives Ensure

We live in an age of unprecedented global innovation, but also of unprecedented peril to our natural environment. The West Indies Oil Company is committed to protecting and preserving our environment; it is a seminal imperative in our business processes and standard operating procedures. We are continuously looking for ways to minimise any adverse impact of our business activities on the environment. We do not only comply with all relevant legislation and standards, we go further. We strengthen and refine our internal policies to add further layers of environmental protection and reduce our carbon footprint.

We are determined to minimize any risks to the environment. That is why we are on the cutting-edge of emergency response protocols and the trained personnel to marshal the process if the need were ever to arise. We thank our employees for our impressive safety record, but in the event of a mishap in future, we are equipped and ready to respond effectively.


WIOC is also proving its corporate social responsibility, ensuring that we use our technical expertise to assist in the event of a national disaster event. WIOC is among the multi-agency response architecture at the National Office of Disaster Services (NODS) in Antigua and Barbuda. We stand ready to assist the NODS in the event of a nationwide disaster, providing technical support and equipment in recovery efforts.

We are a crucial stakeholder in the National Marine Pollution Plan, another indication of our commitment to our communities and the environment. It is not rhetoric for us, we have enshrined our commitment in policies which are mainstreamed in all our processes.

  • Conform to industry best practices
  • Establish efficient process management that will promote the use of environmentally-acceptable methods and materials
  • Minimize any dislocation to the natural environment through the reduction of all hazardous and potentially destructive materials and resources as well as promoting reuse and recycling
  • Prevent pollution, curb any harmful emissions and minimize waste associated with our business activities
  • Highlight environmental best-practices of our operations as an example to all our stakeholders, both internally and externally
  • Maintain open lines of communication with regulatory authorities and the local community regarding matters germane to the environment