Share Register Administration

The WIOC Shareholder Registry is currently being managed by the Eastern Caribbean Central Securities Depository Ltd. (ECCSD), based in Basseterre, St. Kitts.

All Shareholder queries and transactions including share transfers and account updates will be handled by the ECCSD.

The ECCSD may be contacted directly as follows:



  • 1(869) 466–7192
  • 1(869) 662-9728
  • 1(800) 744–9238 (only available for calls within the Eastern Caribbean).

All shareholders are encouraged to update their records with the ECCSD by completing the Registry Account Maintenance Form which can be accessed on the ECSE website under its Investor Center. This will allow for you to receive direct information via email, which will from time to time be distributed for the attention of our Shareholders.


Share Sale/Transfer Process

The Seller must first identify a Purchaser and privately negotiate a purchase price. Payment for the shares is a matter exclusively between the parties with the Purchaser being responsible for transferring the funds directly to the Seller.

The Seller sends completed Private Transfer Form and all required documentation to ECCSD via email for verification that it is completed properly. Registry Forms can be accessed on the ECSE website under its Investor Center.

The Seller is required to complete a Private Transfer Form and send this with all required documentation to ECCSD via email for verification that it is completed properly. The ECCSD will review the Private Transfer Form and advise the Seller whether the transfer form is completed properly or not. The Private Transfer Form can be downloaded from the ECSE website under the Investor Center page.

If the form is completed properly the ECCSD emails the form to WIOC’s Corporate Secretary. If the form is not completed properly the ECCSD will advise the Seller of the required changes.

On receipt of a properly executed share sale/transfer form from the ECSD, WIOC will contact the Seller and Purchaser to schedule an appointment to facilitate signing and notarizing (if necessary) and the payment of fees. The Seller and Purchaser are required to present the original form.

Any share transfer involving 14,800 shares or more and/or involving a Shareholder who owns 29,600 or more shares, no matter the value of the transfer, would require approval by the Board of Directors of WIOC.

The original Private Transfer Forms, after execution, will be presented to the Inland Revenue Department in Antigua by WIOC’s Corporate Secretary for assessment of stamp duty and subsequently filed at the Companies Registry.

After filing the duly stamped Transfer Form at the Companies Registry in Antigua, WIOC will then send the stamped transfer form to ECCSD to facilitate the updating of the Shareholders Register. The ECCSD will in turn provide notification to the seller and purchase that the transaction has been consummated.

Administrative Fees

Eastern Caribbean Central Securities Depository (ECCSD) Fees
The following fees are applicable on each share transfer and shall be collected on behalf of the ECCSD by the WIOC Corporate Secretary’s office:

Private Sale:

  • 0 – 10,000 Shares XCD30.00 per party
  • 10,001 – 100,000 Shares XCD60.00 per party
  • Over 100,000 Shares XCD150.00 per party

Government Stamp Duty:

  • Seller – 5% of the purchase price
  • Purchaser – 2.5% of the purchase price

Filing Fee (payable to WIOC):

    • XCD 75 per transfers of up to 500 shares
    • XCD 150 per transfer greater than 500 but less than 1,001 shares
    • XCD 350 per transfer greater than or equal to 1,001 shares.

Note: Any other disbursement to include document courier services, if necessary, will be covered by the Seller.

Dividend Payment

When will dividends be paid?
WIOC intends to pay dividends in late June 2022 in one installment. Late June to early July is the normal dividend payment cycle of the Company for which there are no planned revisions.
How will I receive my dividends?
Your dividends will be paid via direct funds transfer to your bank account provided to the brokers when you purchased your shares. This bank information is part of the shareholder records maintained by the ECCSD.
How will I know when, and the amount of dividend paid to my account?
The ECCSD will provide notification via email or by post when your dividend payment has been sent to your bank for credit to your account. In addition, WIOC will post updates about dividend payments on the Investor Relations/Shareholder Updates page of its website.
How much dividend will be paid?
This year's dividend pay-out ratio is 67% of net income after tax. For an estimate of your dividend payment, simply divide the forecast net income after tax for 2022 included in the IPO prospectus by 5,920,000 shares outstanding. This dividend rate per share is then multiplied by the number of shares you hold to determine your estimated dividend due.


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