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Count on us for quality and convenience, whether our products and services are for your personal or commercial use.

Driving to work or driving your children to school? You will likely have the petroleum products which we distribute powering your engine. Our high-performance gasoline and ultra-low sulphur diesel fuels are marketed throughout our wide network of service stations.

Flying for business or leisure? The jet fuel your airline uses was very likely supplied by us. That is why airlines count on us, because our quality is assured and our service is unrivaled.

We are the sole distributors of Liquefied Petroleum Gas, the cooking gas which fires up your stove as you cook sumptuous meals. We know how much households and businesses depend on our product and that is why we have invested in more storage containers. It is our promise and commitment to you to meet your energy needs. Every time you fire up your stove, it is proof you can depend on us to serve you.

And for a rapidly growing food service industry, we are an indispensable partner, providing bulk LPG with efficiency; it’s like clockwork, and that is why we make the economy tick.

Our energy touches almost every aspect of your life and as we embark on a brave new world, the possibilities are endless.


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Quality Is In Our DNA

We pride ourselves on offering the very best petroleum products. Oil is our business, and we have honed our modalities to make sure you get nothing but quality.

All our products have passed stringent industry tests, that’s why we stand behind what we make available to the market. Simply put, quality is our hallmark.


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Terminal Operations & Storage Services

World class Storage Facility services

Our strategic location and superior product offering position us as a company to handle all your storage needs and to build a partnership with you, our corporate client. Give us an opportunity to become your storage hub and provide the storage service your customers demand of you!

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