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Marlene Bailey

Manager, Human Resources
"There is a reason we have a passionate and driven cadre of professionals who make up our valued workforce. We thrive on inspiring, motivating, supporting and building."

Why Work at WIOC

Joing our cadre of Professionals

We are an ever-growing energy company, and here is your opportunity to grow with us! The energy and passion are infectious, as you join a community of committed professionals who bring eclectic expertise and experience, but who are united by one goal; exceeding our customers’ expectations. If you are looking for a professional environment that fosters development, leadership skills and commitment to excellence, this is the place to be.

Our impressive growth in recent years has created more employment opportunities, making us one of the leading employers in Antigua and Barbuda and Dominica. The direct jobs apart, we are also proud of the thousands of indirect employment opportunities we create through the multiplier effect of increased commerce and connectivity fueled by our energy.

Job Opportunities

Start your career with us!

Search our employment opportunities here to see if your qualifications and experience could meet emerging employment opportunities.

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Our WIOC Oilers Social Club

Where we build camaraderie

We also build camaraderie, afterall, teamwork makes the dream work! The Social Club is one of our main vehicles for doing so; it organizes social and recreational events for the enjoyment of staff members. The result has been a harmonious, conflict-free environment while also contributing to the social development of the communities in which we operate.

The experience of being a WIOC Social Club member is deeply fulfilling as the team basks in the sense of family which their efforts engender at the workplace.

Culture Change Agents and Champions Team

Pride in our People & Culture

Our CAC Team’s raison d’etre is to improve the culture of the organization. The team is constantly interacting with employees and bringing their suggestions to the fore. The upshot has been an open and inclusive culture of communication. Why not? Join the Change Agent and Champion (CAC) Team!