CUSTOMERS COUNT ON OUR SERVICE EXCELLENCE!Driving Quality And Convenience With Our Retail Products

As the exclusive supplier of Liquefied Petroleum Gas in the Antigua and Barbuda market, we have invested significantly in expanding our storage capacity to ensure that our customers have a ready supply of ‘cooking gas.’ We currently offer three of LPG cylinders across our network of retailers at the following prices:
Retail LPG Price
  • 20lb cylinder- XCD$32.00
  • 25lb cylinder- XCD$40.00
  • 100lb cylinder- XCD$155.00
For a first-time purchase, a refundable deposit on each cylinder is required. Please see the deposit prices below:
Deposit LPG Price
  • 20lb cylinder- XCD$100.00
  • 25lb cylinder- XCD$110.00
  • 100lb cylinder- XCD$250.00
The smaller 20lb and 25lb cylinders are available at retailers strategically positioned around the island, while 100lb cylinders are conveniently delivered to your doorstep and installed by our two distributors: Gas Go and Kramm. Please see below contact numbers for customer ease - Kramm Distributors (562-4277) Gas Go – (562-0686).

Bulk LPG

Every hotel, restaurant, mom and pop shop and bakery rely on our supply of Bulk LPG to provide excellent service to and the influx of visitors to the shores of our island. We do not underestimate our role in fueling the economy, especially in this area of our business which generates employment and value through top-notch service. For potential commercial customers who require a bulk tank, please contact our Customer Service Supervisor at -462-0140. We prioritize your needs and ensure a quick turnaround service for all our new customers. Please see our price per Imperial Gallon for Bulk LPG.
  • Customer with company owned tank - XCD$12.30
  • Customers with privately tank - XCD$12.20
As part of our safety programme, we want to ensure that the highest safety standards are enforced at customer sites and commit to ensuring that our first-class technicians can be deployed to visit your location on demand.
  • Residential Inspections - XCD$150
  • Commercial Inspections - XCD$250

A Brave And Bright Energy Future Beckons!

Our LPG also supports large customers who need our fuel to buttress their businesses. Our bulk LPG is literally the lifeline of a major sector of the economy, creating employment and value through top-notch service.We are not being hyperbolic when we say energy lives here; we are fueling a growing economy and we will be on the frontlines of innovation to make sure we will always fulfil your needs as your proven energy partner. A brave and bright energy future beckons!