Friars Hill RoadAntigua and Barbuda, WI - 00000

Storage & Distribution

Leading Storage Facility

1.7 Million Barrels and growing...

Antigua sits at the gateway to the Caribbean and WIOC is at the centre of amazing possibilities. Our strategic location and superior product offering position us as a company to handle all your storage needs and to build a partnership with you, our corporate client. Give us an opportunity to become your storage hub and provide the storage service your customers demand of you! This prime location has allowed us to be a storage hub par excellence. The growth in our tank farm and corporate client base are not by accident; we offer the best option to store your product safely and conveniently. Call to enquire about our services today and see why more and more entities choose us.

Our facilities are world-class and our customer service options are avant-garde.

After significant investment in recent years in storage, our capacity now stands at 1.7 million barrels, and growing…

We are the best option for your stocks of Gasoline, Jet Fuel, Fuel Oil and Diesel.

Carl Farley

Chief Operations Officer
"My medium to long-term vision for the West Indies Oil Company (WIOC) is to see that we complete the upgrade of the company in terms of infrastructure, systems, and of course our staff, that would bring our operations up to world-class levels. For me, if you take our people, our most critical resource, I see my task as developing our staff in terms of building competence so that they can stand against anyone within the industry."

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