WIOC Receives Approval For Night-Time Berthing Operations


The West Indies Oil Company has received approval from stakeholder agencies to operate its Sea Island Jetty at nights, as opposed to the exclusively day-time operation hitherto. This is being hailed by WIOC as a seminal development in its expansion and efficiency thrust. This will be of immense benefit to the company’s growing base of commercial customers who take advantage of its convenient and cost-effective storage facilities. They will be able to have their vessels loaded and off-loaded during night-time hours, if the need arises.

The approval for the expanded operations is the culmination of months of discussions among WIOC, the Antigua and Barbuda Department of Marine Services and Merchant Shipping (ADOMS) and the Antigua Port Authority.

The new arrangement comes at an opportune time as WIOC pursues strategic investments to grow its storage business. The company’s ‘tank farm’ has seen impressive expansion to satisfy growing demand from regional and international entities.

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