Management Team


Strength and stability define our management, and that is why we are sanguine about even more success to build on the strong foundation we have built.

Our management team use the depth of their expertise in a broad range of areas to innovate, solve problems and above all, work to bring energy solutions to you more effectively. They never rest until they not only meet our customers’ expectations, but exceed them.

Meet The Executive


Marlene Bailey

Chief Human Resources Officer


Carlton Bramble

Chief Financial Officer


Gregory Georges

Chief Executive Officer

Sharon Thomas

Sharon Thomas

Chief Operations Officer


They have been nimble in ensuring the company adapts to a dynamic business environment, heading off potential adversity through keen attention to detail and keeping their fingers on the pulse of the industry. The fixity of purpose and dedication of our executives have driven success in implementing the board’s policy objectives. It is to their credit that the organization has coalesced around the shared ethos of quality, integrity and service excellence. They have been the leaders of the change and are on the cusp of taking WIOC across frontiers hitherto unimagined!