The share price is EC$60.00 per share and is based on the valuation of WIOC and determined using comparative and discounted cash flow analysis which is a standard company valuation methodology, a summary of which is presented in Appendix 10 of the Prospectus.

The price for Gasoline and Diesel per gallon fluctuates depending on Market conditions. Details on current prices are readily available at the Service Stations.

Yes we do. A minimum purchase of 200gals is required to have that service once the site has been inspected and approved.

Bulk tanks usually are available in the following sizes: 120gal, 250gal 320gal, 500gal, 1000gal.

A formal letter must be written to the Marketing Sales and Retail Deptartment requesting to be an LPG vendor. This should include The name of the business owner, the address of the business, and contact information. The letter must be accompanied by a copy of the business license and a valid government-issued photo ID. A representative from WIOC will then conduct an assessment to determine if the location would be suitable given its proximity to other vendors and its ability to uphold safety protocols.

Monday- Northern Zone: between Runaway Beach to Coolidge

Tuesday- Eastern Zone: Friars Hill Rd, Cedar Valley, Judges Estate, Powells, Carlisle, New Winthropes.

Wednesday- South East Zone: Picadilly, Liberta All Saints and South as far as Jolly Harbour.

Thursday- Delivery starts from 6am on Thursdays between West Zone & St. John’s City

Friday- Far south to Old Road and areas around St. John’s: ( Fort Road, Cassada Gardens, Fitches Creek, Scotts Hill ect.

Site Inspections for residential properties are $150 and commercial properties are $250.

You can apply for Bulk LPG at our main office on Friars Hill Road. Upon request for a Bulk LPG Tank or refill service, we must first conduct a Site Inspection. Once approved we will make arrangements to have the tanks purged and then we will schedule for delivery of Tanks and LPG.

A 100lb cylinder costs $405. This includes $250 for deposit on the cylinder and $155 for gas. To refill is only $155 and that has to be done with one of our distributors at an additional cost of $20 for service charges.

A 25lb cylinder costs $150.00. This is inclusive of $110 for the deposit on the cylinder and $40 for gas. To refill is only $40 and that can be done at retail vendors.