recognizes WIOC’s excellence.

Our Awards Bespeak
The Quality We Stand For

We do not flatter ourselves when we speak about our service excellence; our international partners have seen it and have recognized us for it. Our most recent accolade was from no less a distinguished international partner as Shell, which awarded us for the successful completion of our first year of providing refueling to maritime vessels in Antigua through bunkering.

The prestigious award was presented to our Chief Executive Officer Gregory Georges, by Shell’s Global Sales and Marketing Manager for marine fuel, Melissa Williams. It was a defining moment for our fledgling bunkering business, but it also typified the excellence which permeates everything we do.


Another award from Shell shows the excellence and sublime skill which our employees demonstrate daily. The Captain of the tug and barge, Mark Riley, was also presented with the Gold Zero Hero award, Shell’s signature accolade for safety and prevention. It was well-earned.

Mr Riley’s quick thinking averted what would have been a major mishap on April 12, 2017 while a vessel was being refueled in Antigua. His exemplary actions have been documented and shared with Shell’s partners worldwide, as a guide to prevent similar occurrences in future and as a paragon of the ethos of safety for which WIOC is legendary.

Our award from Shell confirms that we are best-in-class, not only regionally, but internationally. Energy lives here, with best-in-class standards!