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The quality of our products is unquestioned and the convenience of our supply chain guarantees our status as the lynchpin of the economy in the markets where we operate. Our growth as a company has been congruous with the growing energy demand we satisfy for personal and commercial customers. We are your full service energy provider, supporting an eclectic retail energy market; from the motorists who fill up with quality and value at our service stations, to our commercial customers including restaurants, airlines, shipping and power companies.

Motorists know they can trust our high-performance gasoline and ultra-low sulphur diesel fuels available across our wide network of service stations. We are driven by our commitment to sourcing best-in-class fuels to make sure your journey is safe and cost-effective. Our passion for service is self-evident; just ask the satisfied motorists who use our fuels every day!

As the only supplier of Liquefied Petroleum Gas in the Antigua and Barbuda market, we are the fuel for gastronomic delights across an entire region. It is why we make sure you have a ready supply of ‘cooking gas’ to keep those blue flames on in tens of thousands of kitchens! It is also why we are going a step further, by increasing our LPG storage capacity in Antigua; yet more evidence of our commitment to exceeding your expectations!

Our LPG also supports large customers who need our fuel to buttress their businesses. Our bulk LPG is literally the lifeline of a major sector of the economy, creating employment and value through top-notch service.

We are not being hyperbolic when we say energy lives here; we are fueling a growing economy and we will be on the frontlines of innovation to make sure we will always fulfil your needs as your proven energy partner. A brave and bright energy future beckons!

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Our goal is to offer quality and convenience with our products and services, whether it be for personal or commercial use.


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Our strategic location and superior product offering position us as a company to handle all your storage needs and to build a partnership with you, our corporate client. Give us an opportunity to become your storage hub and provide the storage service your customers demand of you!

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