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Executive Team


Heads of Departments

Our executives are among the best in the regional energy sector, leading the charge in the execution of a transformative business model that has you at the core. Their raison d’etre are quality and consistent excellence, and they achieve this through fidelity to the company’s values. They do it too by deftly navigating challenges with a solution-oriented approach; all the while engaging internal and external stakeholders through dialogue. They are firm and focused in maintaining WIOCs position on the cutting edge of innovation and service, and ultimately bringing the best value to shareholders. For our vastly-experienced executives, there is an inextricable link between bringing value to shareholders and service excellence to customers. It is who they are and what they do!

They have been nimble in ensuring the company adapts to a dynamic business environment, heading off potential adversity through keen attention to detail and keeping their fingers on the pulse of the industry. The fixity of purpose and dedication of our executives have driven success in implementing the board’s policy objectives. It is to their credit that the organization has coalesced around the shared ethos of quality, integrity and service excellence. They have been the leaders of the change and are on the cusp of taking WIOC across frontiers hitherto unimagined!

Gregory Georges

Chief Executive Officer
Gregory serves as Chief Executive Officer at West Indies Oil Company Limited.

Carlton Bramble

Chief Financial Officer
Carlton is currently the Chief Financial officer of The West Indies Oil Company Limited.

Carl Farley

Chief Operations Officer
Carl is currently the Chief Operations Officer of the West Indies Oil Company Limited