Entry protocols have been put in place for ALL including employees, contractors, and customers considering the circumstances surrounding COVID 19. These protocols must be adhered to at ALL TIMES.

Access through Main Gate

  • ALL persons including employees who enter the main gate facility MUST wash hands with soap and water for 20 seconds in the handwashing facility provided at the entrance.
  • ALL persons entering our facilities MUST always wear face masks.
  • A safe distance of 6 feet from Security Officers or any other staff must be maintained at all times upon entry and during all interactions.
  • ALL persons are required to conduct transactions or interact with persons in the Marketing Dispatch Offices via the Customer Service window. Entry will only be granted if necessary.
  • Where it becomes necessary for persons to enter the main gate customer service area, only two (2) persons will be allowed at any time and that said persons shall remain at a safe distance of 6 feet.

Access to Administrative / Operations Offices

  • ONLY authorized WIOC employees are permitted to enter office areas at the administrative building except authorized by Management or visiting the Finance or Human Resources offices.
  • Persons who require access to our Terminal Areas (Laboratory, Purchasing, Maintenance, Terminal and Control Room) MUST conform with the handwashing protocols before entering the facility.
  • The following services are to be conducted at the security point: cheque payments, pro-forma invoices and product orders. Our Security Officers will direct such queries to the Finance Department.
  • Persons who display symptoms of persistent cough, sore throat, runny nose or sneezing may be denied access from entering our facility.

Customer Parking

  • Customers are required to park in the Customer Parking Area or Main Parking Lot or as otherwise directed by our Security Personnel.


LPG Refills/New Purchase

  • Persons should seek to refill or purchase their 20lb and 25lb cylinders at one of our 16 Service Stations and community LPG outlets across the island.
  • Employee 20lb. cylinders are limited to three (3) per employee, per month. Official policy to follow.
  • Orders/refills for 100lb cylinders should be arranged through either of our two

(2) distributors: Kramm Distributors (562-4277) or MTM Haulage (562-0686).

  • Hoarding of cylinders is strongly discouraged.

Your cooperation is appreciated as we seek to safeguard the health and safety of all through these difficult times.