The West Indies Oil Company has credited a determined approach to institutional strengthening for the impressive turnaround and expansion of its operations. The company now boasts storage capacity of 1.7 million barrels, a significant surge from 600,000 barrels. This culture of high-performance has been the corollary of a change-management orientation which has touched every facet of the organization.

Company executives have pointed to a reform of the organization’s ethos to make it consonant with the objectives of service excellence. All employees have been engaged in this exercise. While ongoing, it has already shaped a new organizational mindset. The Antigua-based company has indicated that it is proud that internal stakeholders at all levels are now the standard-bearers of this approach, which involves understanding and balancing the needs of multiple stakeholders and becoming more customer-centric.

Human Resource Manager, Marlene Bailey commending employees for embracing this new paradigm. She says, “Instead of resistance, the culture is now typified by resilience. Employees have increasingly become open to, and supportive of the new business processes.”

In this area as well, WIOC’s executive team says the company is leading the change; it also says the best is yet to come, as the climb to the apogee continues.